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Matthew Szlapka Leaves Us Today but We Wish Him the Best of Luck.

Matthew Szlapka Leaves Us Today but We Wish Him the Best of Luck.

I’m sad to announce that our long-time feature writer, Matthew Szlapka, will no longer be writing here on HalfBeard’s HUD. This split was decided upon mutually between him and I last week, mainly due to concerns of scheduling and the rigors of content generation. He’s moving on to focus on his primary career as a social worker and to write his own book on that subject, we here at HalfBeard’s HUD…

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Review of Alien: Isolation

Review of Alien: Isolation


If you were one of those people who wanted an apology for Aliens: Colonial Marines, well here it is, because Alien Isolation is the game that the Aliens franchise has long deserved. It is a game that looks past the space marines and pulse rifles and remembers that the Alien isn’t supposed to be startling, it is supposed to be god damn terrifying. This is a game that strives to recreate…

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Review of Costume Quest 2

Review of Costume Quest 2

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I love Halloween, I always have; I enjoyed it for the obvious reasons as a child but as I’ve grown older I’ve come to appreciate it in brand new ways. Halloween represents a sense of chaotic freedom, a feeling that everyone can be what they are, and that even monsters deep down share the same wants and needs as everyone else. The goofy pulp I enjoy year round, like B horror movies and…

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