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Review of Conception 2: Children of the Seven Stars

Review of Conception 2: Children of the Seven Stars


Conception 2 is an odd game, but more importantly it’s one that doesn’t make good use of its oddness. It is a game focused almost entirely upon sex and risqué themes but it uses that subject matter for nothing more than titillation with no real sense of meaning or message behind it. That is perhaps its greatest (though far from only) flaw and regardless of how you feel about the things…

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Review of Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball

Review of Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball


You can imagine how hard I must have rolled my eyes when I heard Nintendo was dipping its toes into the F2P market with a baseball themed mini-game collection of all things. Not only has Nintendo’s recent output been less than stellar in my eyes but I have never played a free to play game that I’ve actually felt good about putting money into. However I started to hear some interesting…

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