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eSports Weekly (Week of 7/28-8/3)

eSports Weekly (Week of 7/28-8/3)

This week, a pro team gets a sexy new sponsor, the players from CompLexity’s CS:GO team find a new home, and a new League hero is debuted. This and more in this edition of eSports Weekly.

YouPorn Sponsoring a LoL or Dota Team


[Ed’s note: Easily the funnest image I’ve ever had to mock up.]

(Author’s Note: Don’t click through the embedded tweet if you’re at work. YouPorn’s twitter page is very NSFW.…

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NEWS: Evil Geniuses Tease Return To CS:GO

NEWS: Evil Geniuses Tease Return To CS:GO

The competitive organization known as Evil Geniuses continue to tease the possibility of ss_baa02e979cd3852e3c4182afcd603ab64e3502f9.600x338returning to the Counter-Strike series. EG had wiped their hands of the Counter-Strike series after they had shut down their 1.6 team in January of 2012. We had heard nothing from EG relating to Counter-Strike until this past October, when EG tweeted this:

To return to Counter-Strike or not to return to…

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